Few snapshots << Yuva Unstoppable and Microsoft student partner’s Digital Literacy campaign, Ahmedabad, India [September 2010–May 2011]


About Yuva Microsoft Student Partner program:

YUVA is a NGO based in India and one of their campaign is to spread computer literacy among slum children’s. For this campaign they partnered with Microsoft and the name of the initiative was Yuva + Microsot student partners Digital literacy campaign. I was a part of this wonderful initiative and the few snapshots that you see were taken when we volunteers used to go and teach this wonderful bunch of intelligent students basic computer stuff.

Here are the photos from some of our sessions in Ahmedabad, India:









Met revered APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex President, India) at an event organized by Times Foundation


It was indeed an honor and privilege to be part of an event that had his excellency Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as the chief Guest. I also got a chance to meet Bhaskar Pramanik, MD Microsoft India and Pratima Amonkar, Director Academia at Microsoft India. I also met some of the dynamic fellow Microsoft student Partners and some of the YUVAites (YUVA Unstoppable is a NGO that has been doing wonderful job across India) at the event. It was a great experience.

One of the best moment of the event was when Mr Bhaskar Pramanik, MD, Microsoft India acknowledged the work of spreading literacy that we Microsoft student Partner’s do! It really meant a lot to each and every one of us. Also, Microsoft was awarded because of it’s involvement in spreading Digital Literacy in India. Kudos! In words of Mr Bhaskar Pramanik – “We do not do it for the sake of CSR – we do it because we really should”

Thanks to Times Foundation and Yuva Unstoppable for Organizing such a wonderful event. And Thanks to Microsoft Student Partners program for providing a Platform wherein students can spread digital literacy by being a part of ‘Yuva – Microsoft Digital literacy campaign’!

Few clicks:

APJ Abdul Kalam

Invitation Card.

Key Note by APJ Abdul kalam

Key note by APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

Bhaskar Pramanik (Microsoft Chairman) and Rahul Kansal (Times Brand Head)

APJ Abdul Kalam Sir, Extreme right: Bhaskar Pramanik (Microsoft Chairman)


Let's play a game called "try finding Paras in the picture"


Group Photo Time!


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Dr APJ Abdul kalam at Yuva Unstoppable’s [NGO] fifth Anniversary was truly inspirational!


It was a privilege to hear ex president of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 16th september at yuva unstoppable’s (ngo) fifth anniversary at Ahmedabad Management Association. i heard him speak for the first time and it was truly inspiring. his talk was peppered with anecdotes and quotes that are worth documenting – In this blogposr, I make an attempt to list his quotes, suggestions and anecdotes:

1. “Small aim is crime”

2.  Suggestion: NGO’s should venture into remote villages and spread literacy

3. Suggestion: Each one should plant 10 trees so that we reach the goal of 10 billion tress by 2020

4. “True leaders back their team in failure and credits them in success”

5. “Dream big and endeavor”

6. Suggestion: one should go to hospitals and visit those patients who have no visitors, doing this will rekindle the kindness within oneself.

I learned a lot and i enjoyed hear him speak and it was a privilege to be on yuva’s guest list. Thank you Yuva!

Also, kudos to Partnership of Microsoft student partner program and Yuva that initiated a Country wide Digital Literacy campaign and I am happy that I am part of such an endeavor that aims to spread literacy among underprivileged kids.

One other attendee has written a blog post on the program. you can read his views (and watch video of Dr APJ Abdul kalam speaking at this event) by clicking on the link below:

– Paras Doshi