Reports hosted on SQL Azure reporting (preview) accessed via Windows Phone, iPhone and Android phones!


Here are screenshots of reports hosted on SQL Azure reporting preview accessed via Windows Phone, iPhone and Android Smartphone. I knew one can access reports using browser and so just wanted to test them on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Note: Report is just for demo purpose. So I have kept it very simple.

Here are the screenshots:

1. Windows Phone:windows phone sql azure reporting

2. iPhone:iPhone SQL Azure reporting

3. Android Smartphone:
sql azure reporting android phone

Note: I have not tested it but I have heard reports on SQL Azure reporting are accessible via iPad too. 

Simran Jindal confirmed that It works great on iPad too!

Conclusion: These opens up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses. Business users would be able to get access to reports from anywhere in the world. Think of reports that are built on top of Data Marts hosted on cloud. They are kept in sync with Data that resides on-premise (locally). We have exciting times ahead!

Getting Started Guide for Report Readers (SQL Azure Reporting)
Guidelines and Limitations for SQL Azure Reporting Preview

Thank you for the Gift: Windows Phone and Klout!


Windows Phone just ran one of the best klout perk ever! So the way it works is that based on the score on Klout (which is a service that measures your online influence) – some people including me were invited to a Windows Phone Launch Party and they were also gifted a Windows Phone.

Here’s my Gift:

Klout Perk: Windows Phone!

And I was eligible for this perk as i am (as per klout) an influencer on Microsoft Technologies (in Dallas, Texas area).


Thank you Windows phone for a great party and gifting me a phone that i like a lot!