Visualizing search engine terms (words) via Word cloud a.k.a word frequency visualization tool


Making sense of Search engine terms that drive web-traffic is hard, Visualizing it via Word-Cloud/Text-Cloud/Tag-Cloud makes it easy..It’s so amazing how you can take lines and lines of search queries and figure out which search term is more prominent.

I had two data points that I could use to visualize it.
1. around 10,000 search queries (data made available) via Google Web-Master Central account for this blog.
2. Around 500 summarized search queries via’s Site stats Page.

So I used both the data-points to create visualization to see which search term is more prominent. I used a web service called Wordle. Here I just pasted the text and I got two nice visualizations:

1. Based on 10,000 search queries:

word frequency visualization word cloud text cloud tag cloud

2. Based on 500 summarized search queries from WordPress’s site stats:

word frequency visualization word cloud text cloud tag cloud

OK, what did i Learn?

1. I expected search words like SQL, Azure, Cloud, windows, Computing, Server, database, Microsoft to be prominent and they were

2. What I had not expected was search terms like “Abdul Kalam , Clipart, Birthday” to be prominent. And since they are prominent, they directly influence the traffic/audience of this blog. You want to know that, don’t you? Also, It would be great if you could also figure out why those terms which you had not expected show up there. I figured which posts where responsible for those keywords and If you click on the term, you’ll be redirected to the post.

Any-who Try out Word Frequency Visualization tool for your blog too. See which search query terms your visitors are using to get to your site. And stepping back for a moment, word frequency visualization tool could have other uses too. Earlier we used it to answer “Which search terms are prominent for XYZ website/blog?”. Now let’s try to answer: “Which word do XYZ (author) uses the most in their website/blog?”. Here’s a visualization for my blog:

word frequency tool tag cloud text cloud word cloud

That’s about it! Have fun with your data!