How to view error(s) that occur during Master data Service’s Staging Process?


To view error(s) that occur during MDS’s staging process, we have two views: stg.viw_name_MemberErrorDetails & stg.viw_name_RelationshipErrorDetails. For the purpose of this blog post, let me show you how I (as an administrator) view information from stg.viw_name_MemberErrorDetails.

1) Name of the entity: supplier & Name of model is Suppliers

2) I imported data into staging table stg.supplier_leaf via SSIS

3) Now here’s how you can see the errors that occur during MDS’s staging process:

we can go to MDS web application to initiate the staging process > start the batch > after completion you can see the status as well as if it has any errors or not:

Master Data Services Errors4) Now if you see that there’s an error, then you can go to stg.viw_name_MemberErrorDetails to see what are the errors. In my case, I am going to run the query:

select * from stg.viw_supplier_MemberErrorDetails where Batch_ID=2

You can get the above query via MDS web application too:

Master Data Services SQL Server Staging Process

5) And as you can imagine, you can get access to this error data via SSIS (SQL Server Integration services) too. So if you have a workflow that a. Loads data to MDS and b. initiates the Batch process via Stored Procedure; then you can program it to get access to errors from the stg.viw_name_MemberErrorDetails & stg.viw_name_RelationshipErrorDetails tables.

SQL Server Integration Services and Master Data Services

That’s about it for this post! I hope this helps. Your comments are very welcome!