My article on “Tuning SQL Azure databases – Part 2/2” got published in SolidQ Journal’s september edition


Part 2/2 of “Tuning SQL Azure Databases” got published. The aim of the series was to show you the options that are available to tune a SQL Azure database. In part two, I  discuss on how to use information made available through dynamic management views (DMV’s) available in SQL Azure; while the first part focused on examining execution plans and tuning the database based on that information. Here are the links to download the magazine:

Part 2:

Part 1:

My article on “Tuning SQL Azure database – Part 1” got published in SolidQ Journal (July 2011) << Paras Doshi


My article on “Tuning SQL Azure database – part 1” got published in SolidQ journal July 2011 Issue. The editorial of the Journal written by Fernando G. Guerrero [Global CEO, SolidQ] summed up the article by following words: "Even if cloud computing hides some back-end complexity from us, databases still need to be properly designed and queries properly written. To this end, Paras Doshi explains how to tune SQL Azure databases".


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