A Social Media Analytics Sample Dashboard in Excel Powered by PowerPivot.


I found a great sample Dashboard on Social Media Analytics in Excel that is powered by PowerPivot. Here’s the screenshot of the Dashboard.

excel powerpivot twitter social media analytics dashboard 1

Here are the steps if you want to download and play with the Dashboard:

  1. Install Power Pivot add-in
  2. Download the “Analytics for Twitter” excel sample (powered by PowerPivot). Link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26213
  3. It creates an “Analytics for Twitter” excel file on Desktop > Open it.
  4. The dashboard is powered by data it pulls in the Power Pivot:excel powerpivot twitter social media analytics dashboard
  5. You can change the search queries:
    a. Edit the default search terms:excel powerpivot twitter social media analytics dashboard
    b. Refresh Data:excel powerpivot refresh data
    c. Updated Dashboard!excel powerpivot twitter social media analytics dashboard

That’s about it. And here’s a Youtube Video showing some features in this sample:

In this blog-post, I shared a great sample dashboard built on top of PowerPivot model.


PowerPivot: Quick Tip regarding Copy-Pasting Tables in PowerPivot 2010


Power Pivot Paras Doshi Microsoft Business Intelligence Excel 2010I was working on couple of PowerPivot models recently and both models needed a Date Table. So here’s what I did:

1. Imported the filtered version of the Date Table (DateStream) from Azure Data Market. Added Calculated Columns to the table. Let me call this Table1

2. I copied entire Table1 and pasted it to an another PowerPivot model – let’s call that Table2


After this:

And I went to happily create data models! Later, I while testing the model (that had Table2), I realized that it had lost the “formulas” – in other words when I copy-pasted from Table1 to Table2 in PowerPivot – it did not copy-paste the formulas but it just pasted the values.

So, 1. Copy Pasting a Table in a PowerPivot does not copy-paste’s the Formula’s in the columns.

And also it does not keep the “Data connection”. In this case, Table1 was connected to Azure Data source and I could “refresh” data if I chose to. But Table2 was “Static” – In other words, It lost the data connection with the data sources. So I could not “refresh/update” data from the data source if need be.

S0, 2. If you copy Paste a Table in a PowerPivot, the newly copied table does not keep the “Data connection” to data source.


I have also posted this here: http://beyondrelational.com/modules/1/justlearned/tips/17976/power-pivot-copy-paste-a-table-in-a-powerpivot-does-not-copy-pastes-the-formulas.aspx

Crunch more than 1 million rows in Excel 2010 with free addin called Power Pivot!


Lately, I have been talking to few business folks who do their own data analysis in excel (2010) and sometimes they run into the excel 2010 limit of 1 million rows. And so when I hear that, I talk about Power Pivot and I talk about what It can do and what it cannot and they are just amazed that there’s a FREE add-in that will help them crunch more than 1 million rows!

happy suprised business user excel power pivot

Image courtesy

You can explore more about this amazing add-in here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/bi/powerpivot.aspx

And Read more about pros/benefits of PowerPivot:

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