Book Review: SQL server Interview Questions and Answers by Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar.


Though SQL server is an huge ocean – this book does justice to touch-base on every different aspect of the product. Starting from the basic concepts and then discussing Tricky questions, authors Pinal Dave and Vinod Kumar lucidly explains each aspect in a Question Answer Format.

Personally, i liked the Tricky question section because it made me think about the topic at hand. And i believe, this exercise of thinking on my feet after reading the question will help me tackle questions during interviews that require quick thinking. And for questions which i knew, i learned the perfect way of answering them.

And every chapter, ends with a summary (called points to ponder) which is an excellent place to reflect upon and test one’s knowledge. And even if you are not planning to go for interview’s in near future – this book is a handy reference for all FAQ’s you may have on a day-to-day basis.

It’s an excellent book to master the SQL server Basics and Gain confidence before a SQL server based Interview. And perfect for any who is a SQL server Database Developer or a SQL server DBA or planning to be one!


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