PowerPivot Model: How to TEST or EDIT existing connections?


Have you ever had someone sent you a PowerPivot model and asked you to do something with it? And if so – may be, you would have to see what data source(s) the model is using and if applicable, you test the existing connections. If you find yourselves in such a situation, this blog post is for you:

1) Open the excel file and switch to PowerPivot Window

2) Now, switch to Design Tab > Click on Existing Connections:

existing connection design tab of powerpivot model

3) Here you’ll find the list of connections under “PowerPivot Data Connections” > Select the connection you wish to TEST or EDIT > Click on EDIT button

4)  Now here you can edit the data source. And if you click on “Test Connection”, you’ll be able to test it too.

edit data source connection power pivot model

5) After you’re done, click on SAVE.

And you’ll now see the “Existing Connections” Box again:

powerpivot select a connection to a data source that contains the data you want to import

Click CLOSE and you’re done, you have successfully edited or tested the existing connection.