News – Now a Certified Cloud Guy – Completed University of Washington’s cloud certifcate requirements!


Recently I completed a cloud computing course taught at University of Washington and so now I am a certified Cloud guy but more importantly It was great learning experience!

More about the certificate:

The course had three courses which covered following topics:

  • cloud computing fundamentals
  • cloud computing models
  • cloud computing case studies
  • cloud computing application building
  • operations in cloud
  • scalable computing
  • MapReduce
  • NoSQL
  • Big Data
  • programming Big Data
  • Database as a Service

Thanks University of Washington and Instructors for a great learning experience!

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Want to learn about BigData? read Oreilly’s Book “Planning for BigData”


Recently at SQLRally, Rushabh Mehta sir pointed me to a great BigData resource. It was a great read and thought it could help you too. So, If you want to get started on the world of BigData, then there’s a resource that could be of help:

Oreilly’s Book: Planning for BigData

It’s a short book (80 pages) and it’s free too. This book would help you get acquainted with following BigData Topics*:

1. What is BigData?
2. What is Apache Hadoop?
3. Brief description of companies in BigData space
4. Microsoft’s plan for BigData
5. BigData in cloud
6. Data Market Places (like Azure DataMarket)
7. NoSQL World
8. Visualization
9. Future of BigData.

(*Sourced from the Index of the Book)

That’s about it. Get your hands on this short and free book, if you are interested to learn about BigData

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