Presented on “What Mobile Device(s) Plus cloud computing mean for the real world” at Ignite Ahmedabad


It was fun presenting at inaugural Ignite Ahmedabad club. I presented on “what mobile devices plus cloud computing mean for the real world” in 5 minutes! yeah, Ignite has an unique format. 20 slides + 5 minutes + slides automatically change every 15 seconds. So for me, it was a novel experience! Learn more about Ignite:

More about my Talk:

My aim was to show that Mobile devices that could leverage the power of cloud computing could change the world for good! With cloud computing gaining momentum, we will see mobile devices that would delegate compute and/or storage to the cloud making the mobile device to do much more than it’s capacity may have allowed. Basically, I babbled about my Fantasies! The day my mobile device would become as powerful as a supercomputer – you know, by embracing the concept of cloud computing. Later, I also talked about Microsoft’s project Hawaii which facilitates cloud enable mobile computing. That was it! it was super fast, it was super fun!

I look forward to presenting at such forums again!