3 prioritization frameworks


Time and energy are finite resources and it’s important to use them effectively and efficiently. This requires having a good prioritization framework. In this post, I’ll share 3 frameworks that I have frequently used to prioritize.

1 Eisenhower Matrix. Urgent vs Important matrix


2 Cost Benefit Matrix.

A similar 2×2 matrix that is equally relevant and helps you identify if you delete (low benefit, high cost), defer (low benefit, low priority), plan (high priority, high cost) and do (high benefit, low cost).

3 Scoring Models or Weighted prioritization matrix:

If you want to make a decision to prioritize, you can list all factors and their weights to come back with a List. E.g. Choosing a restaurant:

Depending on the focus, you might also have a specific scoring model or framework. For e.g. In Product, RICE framework is pretty common that scores based on Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort:


I hope these frameworks are helpful for you to think through your priorities!

[Fiction] Letter from a Geek who lived in the unglorious era of ’99 !


Today i got an email from an unnamed geek (geek_1999@gmail.com). the email was written in year 1999 and the uber-cool features of ‘delay-send’ enabled him to send me email almost 10 years later.

The email read:


congratulations on finding this email. it is 11 pm on 31st december 1999. I’m writing this chronicle of my era to the clack-clack-tuck-tuck of the keyboard on my state-of-the-art ibm desktop. Can you imagine? 366 MHz. what do you have? i guess not more than 1000 MHz. And unlike the desktops you may have, it’s like I have put a maruti on my desk. I only hope I’m able to reboot after midnight, hope problem y2k is a charade.

You know wat, folks. The modem that i am using is louder than a dog barking at the middle of the night. Tut…tut…tut-tut-tut…tu…stop it!

And Do you know how I got this connection? I waited for 9 long months for the connection and this computer guy charges me 100 bucks every time I call him to fix a problem.

For me it is a ‘technological’ golden age. My 1.44 MB floppy drive can hold 1/3 of a song ( yippy !! ). I can’t even imagine the cool games you’re playing on the desktop’s by now( you still call it desktop,rite? ). It’s like we’re living in The Matrix — except in a good way. Are you living in the Matrix sequel? I hear it’ll be better than the original.

But the people of 1999 aren’t perfect: We sometimes fall victim to fads. Can you believe that some “innovators” think we’ll read electronic books ( duh ) ? And that 1 million people hang out on a “social network” called facebook.com and linkedin.com ( duh duh ) ?
They think we are fools. we are smart you know. we are not going to believe any rubbish they throw at us.
Don’t tell me you people use such websites. Do you?

I can’t wait to see what’s next. I preordered the new ‘ maruti 800 ‘, which signals a new golden age for small car segment. You’re probably driving around in hybrid cars that run on half potatoes, half grain; I can’t imagine what you people get to drive.

People of the new millennium, best wishes for the future of mankind. Or have you forsaken God for Ronald emmerich’s aliens? Just kidding.

Party time! it’s 12 am and it’ a new year.


P.S. i am also sending you the hard copy of this mail in floppy drives. they will reach you in 3-4 days. i hope you still use floppy drives. if not, throw those 7 disks away.

——- THE END ————–

the second email read :

yippy! i was able to reboot my computer. y2k was a charade!

—– REAL ‘ the end ‘ —–