About My First Professional Experience that Introduced me to the amazing world of Databases!


I remember Taking a course “Database Management systems” while pursuing Bachelor’s in computer Engineering. I liked it, I liked it a lot and so I thought that It would be a great experience to get some hands on professional experience about Databases and so I went on an Internship search and soon, I found one!

The task was about designing and developing a database for their “materials management project”. They had decided to build an Internal Application that automates their processes and replace their existing “manual” work. I remember once I was given a stack of about 1000 papers to study their existing processes! Also, I also got the chance to talk with the users and “Interview” them for the Task of designing databases. I was guided by Developers in their IT Department who had designed and developed database for some of their existing applications. And It was a nice experience of designing the database for the real-world! After that, I did some database development work and wrote some SQL that I had learned at my “Database Management systems” class at my University. Fun times!

interview and papers helped create database design


Paras Doshi Internship Database Design Certificate