PASS Business Analytics Conference – Day #2 Keynote


what an inspiring keynote by David McCandless! Here are some the things that I noted:

1. Play with your data, get your hands dirty

“Data is the new Soil” – David McCandless

2. set the context while communicating what data is trying to tell.
Example: China has the largest army but compared it to their population they are 120ish! So measuring just the army size does not give you necessary context & sometimes it can meaningless

3. Data visualizations help you combine the language of the mind (numbers) with language of the eye (visuals)! Humans are better at processing visuals.

4. Make sure your data is true & keep your personal bias out of analysis.

5. Other than making sure that the data integrity is achieved in visuals, they should be interesting and functional.

6. Design is about removing unwanted things & distilling the visual to it’s functional essence.

You can check out David’s work at
Information is beautiful

Resource: Learn to build an Enterprise Information Management system using Data Quality Services, Master Data Services and SQL Server Integration Services


[UPDATE 29 Dec 2012: One more whitepaper that’s on the same subject and should be read after the tutorial: Cleanse and Match Master Data by Using EIM ]

Here’s the resource: Tutorial: Enterprise Information Management using SSIS, MDS, and DQS Together

Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Learn to use Data Quality client to create DQS Knowledge Base, cleanse data in an excel data, remove duplicated data from the excel file

DQS client domain values clean data data quality services

– Learn Use MDS add-in for Excel, store the cleansed and matched data in MDS

Master data services add in for excel

– Learn how to use the MDS Web UI:

SQL Server 2012 master data services MDS Web UI

– Learn to Automate the process of receiving input data, cleaning and matching it and storing the master data into MDS via SSIS!

SSIS automate DQS MDS data quality component

That’s about it! check out the Tutorial to learn about all the DQS, MDS & SSIS goodness!