What is the purpose of creating Tables & Graphs?


Knowing why we do what we do is important. Stephen Few lists four reason for creating Tables & Graphs in his book “Show me the number”. I really liked them so I am posting it here for your reference:

  1. it helps us communicate. It helps present information to others.
  2. it helps us analyze data. it helps us find the insights in the data.
  3. It helps us Monitor Performance. It helps us keep track information about performance e.g. Sales Performance, Speed of Manufacturing, etc.
  4. It helps us Plan. It helps us predict and prepare for the future.

What Chart should I use for effective graphical representation of data?


Data Visualization is an art. No doubt about it –  I admire professional artists that can create “beautiful” data visualizations. And Data visualization involves more than one technique – one being representing data using charts. And if you have experience in this domain then you know that there are Many charts out there.

Resource: You can browse Google Charts Gallery here to see various options you have.

Now, how do you choose between these options when confronted with the challenge of creating effective charts? wouldn’t it be great if we knew of a resource that could help us get started?

well, I found this resource which I think can help you get started on which charts you can use:

chart chooser data visualizationSource: http://www.extremepresentation.com/design/charts/

Online Tool: http://labs.juiceanalytics.com/chartchooser.html