A nice Data Visualization on User’s Twitter “Text Data”:


You know I like beautiful Data Visualizations! Here’s one about my Twitter Data via Vizify:

Data a Twitter User's tweet visualized

Are there any other service out there that let us create beautiful (and meaningful) data visualizations on our twitter data? Do leave a comment!

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Visualize FourSquare Checkins on Google Maps:


This is short post written for FUN!

I just figured a way to visualize FourSquare checkins on Google Maps (Courtesy: LifeHacker Post).

This is my check-ins represented on Google Maps when I visited Boston recently:

paras doshi foursquare checins on google maps

Here’s how you do it:

1) Go to https://foursquare.com/feeds/ and login if you haven’t

2) Copy the URL of the KML file which looks like: https://feeds.foursquare.com/history/randomcharacters.kml

3) Go to Google Maps and paste the URL of KML file in search box and hit ENTER!

You’re done!

Happy Tracking! Happy Data Visualization!


1) This is power of Web 2.0!

2) Mix and Match is the new way of doing things!