How to Solve: Excel Data Mining add-in disappeared.



In this blog-post, we’ll see what you can do when the Excel data mining add-in disappears.


1. What happened?

So I have installed the Excel Data Mining add-in. 

sql server 2012 data mining excel addin

But I do not see the Data Mining Tab in Excel:

excel sql server data mining tab missing

2) So Now what?

I searched and found this.  and got it working for the software versions (Excel 2010, SQL Server 2012) that I had and so I am documenting it here.

3) Logged in as Administrator > Office button > Options > Add-Ins > Do you see the Data Mining add-in Disabled?

sql server 2012 data mining excel addin disabled excel options

4) Select Disabled Items in the Manage > click GO

excel options enable a disabled item data mining5) Click on the data Mining add-in and enable it. > Click close > Click OK

6) Re-open Excel. Can you see it now? Yes? Yay!

excel sql server data mining tab enabled yay

That’s about it for this post.


In this blog-post, we saw how to enable the data mining excel add-in.