Excel 2013: Display hidden rows columns and data on an Excel Chart


If you hide rows, columns and data on excel, the chart that’s uses this data also hides it — while this is the default behavior, you can override this by following the steps below.

Let’s reproduce the behavior first.

I have a simple excel chart like shown below:

Excel Chart Hide Data 1Now, if I hide the data that is selected for this chart then the chart stops showing this as well:

Excel Chart Hide Data 2To fix this and if you want the cells (rows, columns and data) to be still hidden but still have the chart show up, then follow the steps:

  1. Select the chart
  2. Under Chart Tools > Design > Select Data Excel Chart Hide Data 3
  3. Click on Hidden and Empty Cells Excel Chart Hide Data 4
  4. Check the Show data in hidden rows and columns check-boxExcel Chart Hide Data 5
  5. Go back to excel and you should see the data on the chart now even though the data is hidden Excel Chart Hide Data 6

Hope that helps!

Trying out FLASH FILL which is a new Excel 2013 Feature:


I learned about an interesting new feature in Excel 2013 which they call “FLASH FILL”. Instead of trying to explain it, Let me demo it:

1. I’ve following data in Excel 2013:

Data Set Excel 20132. Now the requirement is to split the FULL NAME into FIRST NAME and LAST NAME.

So I entered Kim in cell B2

Then I typed just Mi in the cell B3 and Excel 2013 predicts correctly for cell B3, B4 and B5 that I am filling up the first name from the Full Name column.


Predictive Data Entry by Excel 2013I hit enter for the column First Name.

I performed similar steps for the column Last Name. And there you have it:

FLASH FILL options excel 2013That’s about it for demo of Excel 2013’s Flash Fill – very cool!

I’ve posted how to split the values in a column for Excel 2010, you can read that here: How to split the content of one excel cell into separate columns?

Your comments are very welcome!

Where’s the Formula Bar in Excel 2013?


I was playing with Excel 2013 and wanted to see the Formula Bar for something. Turned out, by default, It was hidden and so I learned how to unhide it. Here are the steps:

1. Go to View Tab

2. Check the “Formula Bar” check-box:

view bar formula bar unhide excel 2013

3. And it’s unhidden now!

view bar formula bar hide unhide excel 2013


In this blog-post, we saw how to unhide the formula bar in Excel 2013.