Difference between Term based relations and Domain values in SQL server 2012 Data Quality Services


In data quality services, a knowledge base (KB) consists of domains. And domains has: domain rules, term based relations, domain values and reference data.

So, what is the difference between Term Based Relations and Domain values – and when to use which? Here is the answer:

Domain ValuesTerm Based Relations
It allows us to correct the entire value in a domainIt allows us to correct a word/term within a value in a domain

USA -> United States

US -> United States

United States of America -> United States


John Senior -> John Sr.

John Junior -> John Jr.

George Sr -> George Sr.

Mister Smith -> Mr. Smith

Note that the entire value in the domain got changed.Note that only PART of the domain value got changed.

Further reading: Data Quality Services concepts: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh213015.aspx

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SQL Server Data Quality Services: How to test Domain Rules in the DQS client.


In the domain management activity of Data Quality Services, you can test the domain rules on sample data while creating the Knowledge base . Here are more details:

1. Create a KB > Select “Domain Management as activity” > create a Domain > Go to the Domain Rules Section of a Domain.

2. For the purpose of this blog-post, I am going to create a domain rule named “Email Validation” which requires the Values to End With @ParasDoshi.com

3. Here’s the Domain Rule. Now click on “Run the selected Domain Rule on Test data” icon:

domain management activity of Data Quality Services, you can test the domain rules on sample data while creating the Knowledge base

4. Now add some test data and then click on “Test the domain rule on all items”.

data quality services sql server test the domain rule

Thus, This way you can build and test the Domain Rule while creating the Knowledge Base.


In this blog-post, we saw how to test the Domain Rule in the Data Quality Services client of SQL Server 2012

Never let your Domain name Expire. Never!


i just learned that one should never let a domain name expire if one is keen on not losing it and keen on not paying hefty price later on.

it turns out after a domain name expires, it normally takes about ~60 days before it gets deleted and is available to public to register. And if one wants to renew the domain between deletion and expired period – one has to shell out “restoration” amount.

my domain account portal states:

“The Registry charges higher fees for Restoring a domain name and hence, Restoration is an expensive process. It is time-consuming too and usually gets completed within 3-5 days. Restoration cost: INR 3864.53”

Now INR 3864.53 is approx 80$ while i bought the domain for just 5$!

Also if the domain has high page rank – from my little research, i learned some bots pick it up as soon as they land in general area and so you become the ex-owner forever.

FYI: i never intended to renew the domain – that’s why i ignored the three Alert mails that i got from my registrar before it expired. And i logged into portal just for the sake of curiosity. but for once, think – what if i did not want to lose it?

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