Where can we find datasets that we can play with for Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Analysis Projects?


Update 1st August: I found this too: UCI MAchine Learning Repository http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/

Update 12 Nov 2012: I found this! Link to 400 datasets! http://www.datawrangling.com/some-datasets-available-on-the-web

Update 19 Dec 2012: Lynn Langit has a list here: http://lynnlangit.wordpress.com/public-datasets/


Recently on SQL Server Data Mining Forum, I answered a question about where to find DataSets for Business Intelligence Project.

Apart from Datasets AdventureWorks and Contoso data-sets, there are places where you can download data-sets to play with for your Business Intelligence, Data Mining or Data Analysis Projects.

Here is the List of data-sets that I have collected:

1. KDNuggests: Datasets for Data Mining

2. Quora: Where can I get large datasets open to the public?

3. Windows Azure Data Market

4. National council of Teachers of Mathematics

5. Introduction to Data Science: Data Sets

6. Hilary Mason’s Data-Set Bundle: https://bitly.com/bundles/hmason/1  (Also featured in Quora Link that I shared earlier)

7. And If you can’t find the data-set, ask it here: http://getthedata.org/  

Have I missed anything? Do comment! I’ll add the link with due credit.