[SSIS] unzip a file in SQL server Integration services (SSIS) package


An assignment I was working on recently required me to unzip a file in an SSIS package. I didn’t knew it – so I asked my mentor Rushabh Mehta sir about it and he was kind enough to email me a demo. Now based on the deemo, my next task was to input couple of configuration’s like location of zipped file and then i was good to go! And so i learned something new, and I just thought of documenting it.

Aim: To unzip a file in an SSIS package

SSIS Task used: I’ll be using the Execute process task to carry out the task.

Now, here is the configuration of the Execute process task.

Executable: C:Program FilesWinRARWinRAR.exe

[complete path of the executable. I have used WinRar to unzip a file – you could any valid tool you wish]

Arguments: e voila.zip  -o+

[General format: e <filename> –o+]

WorkingDirectory: D:blogpsot

[Path of the working directory. The file will be unzipped at the same location. If you wish to unzip at different location, you could use something like:

e “D:blogpostvoila.zip” “D:blogpost2” –o+

and leave the WorkingDirectory blank, Then in this case the file will be unzipped at D:blogpost2 ]

Now,  here is the screenshot of the configuration. Just in case:


So yeah, happy unzipping!

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