Half way through Toastmaster’s competent communicator manual, it’s one of my career goal.


Mastering the art of Public Speaking is one of my career goals. Four years ago, I had participated in an impromptu speech competition. The way it works is that you get a question and you are supposed to speak on that topic without any prior preparation. So I was given a topic – it was fairly broad topic – I “could” have spoken for about 3 minutes – but, I froze. let’s call it fear of public speaking. From that day on, I decided to be better at this scary thing called public speaking. I took up positions in student clubs that required frequent public speaking. One such position was being a President of a Technical student club and I got to practice in front of audience – and that definitely helped. Other role was representing my University as Microsoft student partner (3 years ago) – and in this role, I delivered technical topics as I can to practice public speaking and share what I knew. And to continue practicing public speaker – I joined Toastmaster’s club around 9 months back. And today I completed 5 out of 10 modules of competent communicator manual. I encourage anyone who wants to practice public speaking to join Toastmaster’s club. I have written about this club before, you can read that here: Want to practice public speaking? Join Toastmaster’s!

That’s about it for this post. Just wanted to share my career goal with you all!