Trying out FLASH FILL which is a new Excel 2013 Feature:


I learned about an interesting new feature in Excel 2013 which they call “FLASH FILL”. Instead of trying to explain it, Let me demo it:

1. I’ve following data in Excel 2013:

Data Set Excel 20132. Now the requirement is to split the FULL NAME into FIRST NAME and LAST NAME.

So I entered Kim in cell B2

Then I typed just Mi in the cell B3 and Excel 2013 predicts correctly for cell B3, B4 and B5 that I am filling up the first name from the Full Name column.


Predictive Data Entry by Excel 2013I hit enter for the column First Name.

I performed similar steps for the column Last Name. And there you have it:

FLASH FILL options excel 2013That’s about it for demo of Excel 2013’s Flash Fill – very cool!

I’ve posted how to split the values in a column for Excel 2010, you can read that here: How to split the content of one excel cell into separate columns?

Your comments are very welcome!