Completed 225 posts! + It’s my Birthday today!


I have enjoyed blogging! And – The best part is the interaction that I get to have with you – dear readers! I hope to stay as active as I am in the coming year! oh btw, Completed 225 posts with no wish to stop anytime soon 🙂

And yes, It was my Birthday today!

Thanks a lot for being an active part of the community!


In case you are interested, here are few more statistics (9/30/2012):

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It’s my birthday! And hey – it’s the 100th post!


It’s my birthday!

And this is the 100th post on this blog!

And I am just 100 22 btw!

Any-who. This is what happened to me last time (In India):

And what’s on me: Toothpaste + Tomato Sauce + Wierd water + coke + sprite + I don’t know what else.

And that’s pretty much how birthdays are “celebrated” at 00:00 AM in India!

I know it sounds dirty but’s lot of fun! And you get to “return the favor” when it’s someone else’s Birthday.

Any-who I’ll be spared this time. Woohooo!

It’s birthday Time: