Get an Azure account without submitting credit card details (Valid for 30 days) – PROMO EXPIRED!


[Update June 2012: You also have an option to sign up for Azure Free trial : – Though it requires credit card but you have the option to set the “spending limit” and so you would not be charged above]

Update June 2012:


I know many readers who benefited from this promo code, but lately few people have emailed me that it’s not working for them.

Would you like to try Windows azure for free? and you do not wish to enter credit card details either. Well, you may say – “you’re kidding, aren’t you?”. But it turns out I am not kidding. There exists a promotional offer called “Windows Azure pass” which let’s you access Azure for 30 days + it does not ask for your “ultra-secret” credit card information!!

But there is a minor issue with the Azure pass – You need a promo code. [ Don’t curse me yet – keep reading, I have still few things to say]. You may ask – “where on earth am I suppose to get an Azure pass promo code?”. Well, among few places where you could get the promo code – I am glad that my blog is one of them. You could use the promo code: parasdoshi and happily access the Azure for 30 days – no questions asked!!

You are free to spread word about it! you can use the following banner or just pass the promo code!

Azure Pass

What do get by subscribing to windows Azure pass? The Windows Azure platform 30 day pass includes the following resources

Windows Azure

  • 3 Small Compute Instances
  • 3 GB of Storage
  • 250,000 Storage Transactions

SQL Azure

  • Two 1 GB Web Edition Database


  • 100,000 Access Control Transactions
  • 2 Bus Service Connections

Data Transfers

  • 3 GB In
  • 3 GB Out

[ Source: ]

Just note:

1. You need a windows live ID

2. At the end of 30 days, your application/data will be erased. Please back up the application and data to another Azure account. Don’t worry about marking your calendar – you should receive alert emails before that happens. I got them

3. you will need to wait for 2-3 business days for your Azure account to be activated. You will get an email when the account is ready to accessed!

4. For a live ID – you will be able to redeem the offer only once. After your 30 days trials – if you want to continue playing with Azure. please go to :

Now,  the remaining part of the blog post is the step by step guide to access Azure using windows Azure 30 day pass that let’s you access Azure without entering your credit card details.

1. Go to

2. a. choose your country

b. Enter promo code: ParasDoshi (it is not case sensitive)


3. Click submit and you will see this page:


Click on ‘sign up’ if you do not have an LIVE ID.

If you already have a LIVE ID then please click on ‘sign in’ shown in the right side of the page.

4. Now, filling in the correct details – you will see this page:


5. click on accept (after reading the document!) and you will see this:


Voila! you have successfully registered for Azure pass!! Now, get ready to kick the tyres of Azure as soon as i t arrives!

— The step by step guide ends —

Just would like to share a resources that will keep you occupied (for as long as you wish to! )

Windows Azure training Kit

Do post your feedback/comments. Thank you.