SSAS MDX: Alias for a Measure Name


I was working on a requirement that needed me to write MDX code that had an alias for a measure name. If it was SQL, you could just do something like select [column name] as [new column name] from [table name] but in MDX it’s not straight forward. What you could do though is declare members in your MDX statement. so to alias a measure name & your code would look something like:

[code type=”sql”]

with member [measures].[new name] as [measures].[old name]
{[measures].[new name]} ON COLUMNS,
{[Date].[Calendar Hierarchy].[ALL]} ON ROWS
FROM [Cube Name]

if you’re executing MDX code using OpenQuery, then you’ve one other option, something like this would work:

[code type=”sql”]

Select "[measures].[old name]" as "[measures].[new name]" from openquery(ConnectionName,’select {[measures].[old name]} ON COLUMNS from [cube name]’)


Note: After taking inputs from business, Naming should be taken care in the cube. My requirement was to pull data from multiple cubes & so I was aliasing it so that I could standardize the names across different cubes.

I hope this gives you a good starting to alias names while writing MDX code.