Completed Marketing Analytics Course from Coursera:


I just successfully completed the Marketing Analytics course from coursera. The certificate was issued by coursera and university of virginia — it was great to brush up some of my existing skills and then build upon it by learning some new techniques/frameworks.

The course covered:

  1. Marketing Resource Allocation
  2. Metrics for Measuring Brand Assets
  3. Customer Lifetime Value
  4. Regression Basics
  5. Marketing Experiments

If you haven’t checked out courses on coursera yet then I would recommend to check those out! There’s a ton out there for data professionals!

Coursera Marketing Analytics Certificate


My First Five Toastmaster International club speeches:


In this post, I want to share the title of the first five Toastmaster speeches that I delivered over the past few months:

1. Ice Breaker

2. Glossophobia (Fear of Public Speaking)

3. Get ready to outsource your computing

4. What’s it like for folks who live below poverty line?

5. what’s it like to start a startup?

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Half way through Toastmaster’s competent communicator manual
Want to practice public speaking? Join Toastmaster’s!

Event Recap: SQL Saturday 185 Trinidad!


I was selected to a be a speaker at SQL Saturday Trinidad! And it was amazing because not only did I get a chance to interact with the wonderful people who are part of SQL Server community there but also visited some beautiful places on this Caribbean island!

I visited Trinidad in January, just before their carnival season! And even though, people were busy preparing for carnival season, it was great to see them attend an entire day of SQL Server Training:

SQL Saturday 185 trinidad attendees

And here’s me presenting on “Why Big Data Matters”:

(Thanks Niko for the photo!)

paras presenting on big data

And after the event, I also got a chance to experience the beauty of this Caribbean island!

view trinidad island port of spain

port of spain sql saturday

Thank you SQL Saturday 185 Team for a memorable time!

Presentation Slides: The slides had been posted for the attendees prior to my presentation and if you want you can view them here:

Completed 225 posts! + It’s my Birthday today!


I have enjoyed blogging! And – The best part is the interaction that I get to have with you – dear readers! I hope to stay as active as I am in the coming year! oh btw, Completed 225 posts with no wish to stop anytime soon 🙂

And yes, It was my Birthday today!

Thanks a lot for being an active part of the community!


In case you are interested, here are few more statistics (9/30/2012):

Dashboard of paras doshi blog

Half way through Toastmaster’s competent communicator manual, it’s one of my career goal.


Mastering the art of Public Speaking is one of my career goals. Four years ago, I had participated in an impromptu speech competition. The way it works is that you get a question and you are supposed to speak on that topic without any prior preparation. So I was given a topic – it was fairly broad topic – I “could” have spoken for about 3 minutes – but, I froze. let’s call it fear of public speaking. From that day on, I decided to be better at this scary thing called public speaking. I took up positions in student clubs that required frequent public speaking. One such position was being a President of a Technical student club and I got to practice in front of audience – and that definitely helped. Other role was representing my University as Microsoft student partner (3 years ago) – and in this role, I delivered technical topics as I can to practice public speaking and share what I knew. And to continue practicing public speaker – I joined Toastmaster’s club around 9 months back. And today I completed 5 out of 10 modules of competent communicator manual. I encourage anyone who wants to practice public speaking to join Toastmaster’s club. I have written about this club before, you can read that here: Want to practice public speaking? Join Toastmaster’s!

That’s about it for this post. Just wanted to share my career goal with you all!