3 prioritization frameworks


Time and energy are finite resources and it’s important to use them effectively and efficiently. This requires having a good prioritization framework. In this post, I’ll share 3 frameworks that I have frequently used to prioritize.

1 Eisenhower Matrix. Urgent vs Important matrix


2 Cost Benefit Matrix.

A similar 2×2 matrix that is equally relevant and helps you identify if you delete (low benefit, high cost), defer (low benefit, low priority), plan (high priority, high cost) and do (high benefit, low cost).

3 Scoring Models or Weighted prioritization matrix:

If you want to make a decision to prioritize, you can list all factors and their weights to come back with a List. E.g. Choosing a restaurant:

Depending on the focus, you might also have a specific scoring model or framework. For e.g. In Product, RICE framework is pretty common that scores based on Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort:


I hope these frameworks are helpful for you to think through your priorities!

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