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The goal of this newsletter is to promote continuous learning for data science and engineering professionals. To achieve this goal, I’ll be sharing articles across various sources that I found interesting. The following 5 articles made the cut for today’s newsletter.

(1) Scaling data

Fantastic article by Crystal Widjaja on scaling data. It shares a really good framework for building analytics maturity and how to think about building capabilities to navigate each stage. Must read! Here

three stages.png
Image Source: reforge

(2) Building startup’s data infrastructure in 1-Hour

Good video that touches multiple tools. Watch here: (it’s a little outdated since it was shared in 2019 which is 2 years ago but the architecture is still helpful)

(3) Analytics lesson learned

If you haven’t read lean analytics, I recommed it! After that, you should read this free companion which covers 12 good analytics case studies. Read here

(4) Organizing data teams

How do you organize data teams? completely centralized under a data leader? or do you structure it de-centralized reporting into leaders of business functions? some good thoughts here

Image Source

(5) Metrics layer is a missing piece in modern data stack

This is a good article that encourages you to think about adding metrics layer in your data stack. In the last newseltter, I also shared an Article that talks about Airbbn’s Minerva metrics layer and this article does a good job of providing additional reasons to build something simiar. Read here

Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn: Which article did you love the most and why?

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