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The goal of this newsletter is to promote continuous learning for data science and engineering professionals. To achieve this goal, I’ll be sharing articles across various sources that I found interesting. The following 5 articles made the cut for today’s newsletter.

1. AWS re:Invent ML, Data and Analytics announcements

Really good recap of all ML, Data and Analytics announcements at AWS reinvent 2020 here

2. How to build production workflow with SQL modeling

A really good example of how a data engineering at Shopify applied software engineering best practices to analytics code. Read here

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3. Back to basics: What are different data pipeline components and types?

Must know basic concepts for every data engineer here

4. Back to basics: SQL window functions

I was interviewing a senior candidate earlier this week and it was unfortunate to basic mistakes while writing SQL window functions. Don’t let that happen to you. Good tutorial here

5. 300+ data science interview questions

Good library of data science interview questions and answers

Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn: Which article did you love the most and why?

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