Data Engineering and Data Science Newsletter #6


The goal of this Insight Extractor’s newsletter is to promote continuous learning for data science and engineering professionals. To achieve this goal, I’ll be sharing articles across various sources that I found interesting. The following 5 articles made the cut for today’s newsletter.

1. How do you measure Word of mouth for growth analytics?

Some really good research and methodologies on how to measure word of the growth analytics? Read here

2. Lean data science

really good insights like “measure business performance and not model performance” with the end goal of delivering business value instead of focusing too much on the algorithm. Read here

3. Good data storytelling: Emoji use in the new normal

Read this to get inspired about to tell stories through data, really well done! Go here

4. Why is Data engineering important?

Good post that explains important of data engineering here

5. Five things you should know about Data engineering career

This is a good post to read along with reading about the importance of Data engineers above. Both of these articles give you a good mental model to explain the role and assess if this the right fit for you if you are considering this career track. Read here

Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn: Which article did you love the most and why?

What do you think? Leave a comment below.