Data Engineering and Data Science Newsletter #4


The purpose of this Insight Extractor’s newsletter is to promote continuous learning for data science and engineering professionals. To achieve this goal, I’ll be sharing articles across various sources that I found interesting. The following articles made the cut for today’s newsletter.

1. What does a Business Intelligence Engineer (BIE) do in Amazon?

Have you wondered what Analytics professionals at Top tech companies work on? Are you job hunting and wondering what data roles (data engineer, data science, or Bi engineer) at Amazon are a great fit for your profile? If so, read Jamie Zhang’s (Sr Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon) post here

2. What are the 2 Data & Analytics Maturity models that you should absolutely know about?

If you have read my blog, you know that I am a fan of mental models. So, here are 2 mental models (frameworks) shared by Greg Coquillo that are worth reading/digesting here

3. Using Machine Learning to Predict Value of Homes On Airbnb

Really good case study by Airbnb Data scientist Robert Chang here

4. How Netflix measures product succes?

Really good post on how to define metrics to prove or disprove your hypotheses and measure progress in a quick and simple manner. To do this, the author, Gibson Biddle, shares a mechanism of proxy metrics and it’s a really good approach. You can read the post here

Once you read the post above, also suggest learning about leading vs lagging indicators. It’s a similar approach and something that all data teams should strive to build for their customers.

5. Leading vs lagging indicators

Kieran Flanagan and Brian Balfour talk about why your north star metric should be a leading indicator and if it’s not then how to think about it. Read about it here

Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn: Which article did you love the most and why?

Data Maturity Mental Model Screenshot:

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