Insight Extractor Newsletter #1


I am kicking off a weekly newsletter to share curated list of things you should read to continue to get better at data. Links for this week below:

  1. AI Hierarchy of needs: Think of Artificial Intelligence as the top of a pyramid of needs. Yes, self-actualization (AI) is great, but you first need food, water, and shelter (data literacy, collection, and infrastructure). Read here
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Data Engineering: A very good introduction to data engineering. If you work as a data analyst or data science, this is a must read to have a full understanding of an important discipline within data family. Also super useful for Jr. data engineers to explain what they do. Read here
  3. The Rise of the Data Engineer: Must read documents to restructure your thinking on data engineering. Read here
  4. Data engineer in 2020: This is a really good list of tools and skills that you should acquire if you want to become a data engineer. Read here
  5. Why did metric X go down last week?: A really good 2 minute read on Linkedin from Andrew Chen: Read here
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Source: Monica Rogati’s fantastic Medium post “The AI Hierarchy of Needs”

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