Framework to evaluate great companies from “Good to Great” book by Jim Collins:


I like frameworks — it helps structure your thoughts. One of the most basic questions that I have asked looking at a company/org is to figure out how to evaluate the whether it’s good or great? And more importantly, how to help drive it to greatness? There’s a list of things that I could rattle off but it was not complete and also, I didn’t really have a structure. That is where the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins comes into picture. It’s a great book that shares a “framework of ideas” for steering a company from good to great by sharing six key learning’s wrapped in a continual process he calls “flywheel”:


I encourage you to read the book if you can. But if you don’t have time, here’s a good overview:

An easy way to remember: Vision, Mission & Strategy


As an analyst or data scientist, its important to have a holistic view of the org that you support. This is important because it will help you in metrics design, project prioritization among other things!

Also, there’s a lot written on what is vision, mission & strategy and the difference between each of these. So this post is not a recap of that but I wanted to share an easy way to remember them:

Just map the three things as follows:

Vision -> What?

Mission -> Why?

Strategy -> How?

If you are able to answer:

  1. What does your org do?

  2. Why do they do that?

  3. How do they do that?

Then you just came up with Vision, mission & strategy.

Hope that helps!