Business Intelligence Dashboard project for a Business Leader


Business Goal:

Design and Develop a Business Leader Dashboard to keep an eye on the health of multiple business units under his leadership.

In other words,
Dashboard should provide an one-stop shop for executives to monitor the health of their business unit(s). Its analogous to a car driver’s dashboard that helps monitor important performance indicators that they need to focus on while driving the car while making sure the driver get alerted for things such as “engine check” and “oil levels”. Dashboards uses state-of-the-art features like Key performance indicators (KPI’s), interactive data visualizations and drill down capability to create an immersive user experience for an executive.

Technical Summary:

– Work with the Business Leader to identify key metrics he needed to see on the dashboard to keep an eye of he health of the business units.

– Work with the IT leaders of each business units to map data available to come up with (consistent) formula to get the metrics needed by business leader

– Develop the Dashboard. (Built iteratively by making sure to have two checkpoint meetings with business leader and working with business analysts to make sure the data is right)

– Develop drill down reports for each metric for each business to see detailed data plus trends.


(I can’t write about role of the business leader or the metrics displayed because of non disclosure agreements. so this mockup may look generic but it’s intended to be this way)

Business Leader Dashboard

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