How to train your users to create their own Business Intelligence reports? #5 of 5: Post Training


In part #1, I wrote about why is it important to enable business users to create their own BI reports.

In part #2, I wrote about three pre-training preparations – 1. Data 2. Tool 3. Understanding Culture.

In part #3, I wrote about 1. User Experience 2. Trainer 3. Training Content.

In part #4, I wrote about Sample Business Intelligence Training content.

In this post, part #5, I am going to write about check list that you need that complement your training efforts. And the list is:

  • Survey
  • User Support System
  • Monitor usage
  • Demo user-created BI reports

Here are more details about each topic:


Send out a simple survey at the end of the training session. Here’s a sample survey:

Please rate the training based on following criteria’s:
4.Easy of use (BI System)

User Support System & Documentation

As users use the BI system, they would have questions that need timely response. So IT managers need to think about setting up a user support system. Someone from the BI team could take on the responsibility answering user’s question. They also need to think about how to integrate corporate IT support system with the user support for the BI system. if need be, a dedicated user support & documentation site can also be created. Note that resolving user queries is as important as giving them training!

Also necessary documents (/videos) need to be provided to user for their future reference.

Monitor Usage

BI system logs (Analysis services Trace/reporting services logs) can be used to monitor usage. It’s important to use data to track the usage of the system to see the return of investment for training efforts.

Demo user-created BI reports

recognizing your followers who do great job is a great tactic to attract more followers!

Demo user-created BI reports in trainings, meetings with project sponsors, team meetings and recognize the effort of the user. In some cases, you could invite the creator to demo their report in a training session – and you got one more trainer to teach your users!


here’s the complete checklist for “How to Train your Business users to Business Intelligence reports?”

  • Data
  • Business Value of analyzing data
  • Tools & User Experience
  • Trainer
  • Training Content
  • Documentation
  • User Support specialists
  • Usage monitoring system

And here’s a slide-deck that shares the same information:

I hope this series gave you a framework to train your business users to create their Business Intelligence reports.

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