[Notes] Atlanta Business Intelligence User Group – Mapping Data in Power View & Tableau


Here are my notes from the Atlanta BI user group that I attended today:

Topic: Head-to-Head on Maps: Mapping Twitter in Tableau and Power View

Power View


Setup/Installation?Office 2013 [Professional Plus editions], SharePoint 2010 onwards [Enterprise Editions]Public, Online, Desktop, Server
LicensingGet applicable office/SharePoint licenseTableau Public is Free.Tableau Online is $500 per user/year.

Tableau Server has Per-User or Per-Server-Core model

*Note that if you’re using Tableau server’s per-user model the cost is $1000 per named user/consumer (min. 10 users) and $2000 seat for 1 developer.

**Contact Tableau Sales. Please don’t evaluate the product based on the information provided here as the information might change in future

Data Sources[SharePoint] Power Pivot Model, Analysis Service Cubes[Excel 2013] You can connect to data sources that excel supports and then create power view report on top of it.Tableau Public Supports Excel, Access & Text filesOther version of Tableau can connect to a variety of data sources.
Product CategoryAd-hoc reporting a.k.a Self Service Business IntelligenceAd-hoc reporting
Ease of useeasyeasy
Visually Compelling?YesYes
Custom Shape FilesNoLimited
Motion effectNoYes
Product maturityPower View is new to the gameTableau is a leader in data visualization space
Additional NotesPower Map is an add-in by Microsoft that focuses on “Mapping”. It’s part of the newly announced Power BI suite.

2 thoughts on “[Notes] Atlanta Business Intelligence User Group – Mapping Data in Power View & Tableau

  1. This week, I got one year license of Tableau Desktop! Totally enjoying the variety of possible data source connections I can have with it, especially Google Analytics! Can see a positive change in E-Commerce and Social Commerce with Tableau / GA mash-up.

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