Book Review: Confessions of a public speaker


Short version!

I like reading good books. This is one of those good books!

Why did I choose this book?

Public speaking is something I do every day. It’s part of my Job. It’s part of my daily life. So I had figured I’ll keep working on improving this skill. As a part of that, I decided to read “Confessions of a Public Speaker” by Scott Berkun

What did I like about it? Four things:

“There are two types of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars.”

– Real Life Examples. Lot’s of it!

– Actionable Insights & Tips (like how to work a tough room, keep Practicing, how to gather feedback, how to get audience’s attention etc!)

–  It’s an easy quick simple read!

– Funny!


if you think you public speaking is something you want to improve upon, I highly recommend this book!


I got a e-copy of the book via O’Reilly Media’s Blogger Review Program.

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