Things I shared on Social Media Networks during Oct 3 – Oct 10


I am fairly active on social network channels. I engage with people on Social networks and I thought It would be great if my blog readers also get a recap of conversations I am having on different social networks and so I’ve thought of compiling a “Things I shared on Social Media networks during the week” . Here is the recap for the week of OCT 3 – OCT 10:

1. Gaurang Patel commented about the Blog: “Five things I like about RescueTime” on FB page: i am using this one it is really fantastic . 

The blog is here: Five things I like about RescueTime:

Gaurang Patel on Five Things I like about RescueTime

2. Photo with a caption that I added:  That’s the CLOUD.

Originally shared by Windows Azure account

That's the cloud windows azure servers data centers

3. Quote my APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex-President of India) . Did you knew that in 2011, I got a chance to meet him! Read here: Met revered APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex President, India) at an event organized by Times Foundation

Quote by APJ Abdul Kalam

4. Nice Data Visualization: Originally shared by and link to the source of the data Visualization:

Nice Data visualization paras doshi

5. “I was working on Business Intelligence project requirement analysis. One requirement that I saw across all department: Need a data mart (single version of truth)”

This post was shared by SolidQ on Google+

Enterprises need data mart and data warehouses

6. On G+, SolidQ shared my post that I wrote a while Back. Here’s the post: Step by Step guide to Export a SQL Azure Database to Azure storage via Import and Export CTP

SolidQ shared paras doshi blog on Google plus

BTW, did you knew the same blog post was Re-Tweeted by Scott Gu on 31st Dec 2011! Yup!

Scott Gu RT'ed Paras Doshi's Tweet

7. RescueTime tweeted:

Check the end of this post to see how RescueTime user @Paras_Doshi was able to cut his social networking time in half!

8. SolidQ shared this post: “Earlier Today: delivered a two-hour session on PowerPivot and Power View to a client. they had some very Interesting questions for their scenario!”

paras doshi delivered a power pivot and power view session solidq

9. SolidQ shared this post on G+:

Data Visualization: Created HeatMap/TreeMap like the one shown below for a client. Looking forward to receiving their feedback. btw, I used the Black, Grey and white for the shades. image courtesy:

paras doshi created a heat map for a client at SolidQ

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