Microsoft Business Intelligence: Power View can be Exported to PowerPoint (PPT)!


A short post to point out that Power View reports can be exported to PowerPoint (PPT) – and PPT slides would also have a “click to interact” button and if the security plus network access is configured correctly then the Interactive data exploration without leaving the Slides! very cool. I had pointed this fact out earlier here. And the official resource can be found here: Export a Power View Report to PowerPoint

I am referring to SQL Server 2012 BI and SharePoint 2010 here. And here is a  step by step guide:

1) Create report > Save it > And then Go to File > Export to Power Point

Export Power View reports to PowerPoint 2010 SQL Server 2012

A note about security: “Export to PowerPoint” requires windows authentication method.

2) Select the location of the PPT file that will have the “Power View” reports.

Export to PowerPoint requires windows authentication method File Location

Now you can store the PowerPoint file at any place but it would be important to consider whether the machine from which it would be accessed has the network access to the SharePoint Power View reports. If not, the Power View reports would just show up as “static images” and the click to interact would not work.  Important security point to consider for your scenario.

3) Open the File > start slideshow > Navigate to the slide (if applicable) > can you see the “click to Interact” button? Yes? Great! you can do interactive data exploration from the PowerPoint environment itself! I find this very Impressive because Power View is meant for Business Users to do Data Exploration and create rich visualizations and once they are done with it – they can export it to PowerPoint and show their Power View chops to their boss and peers and more importantly, make better business decisions. Any-how, here’s the image:

CLICK to Interact button Export to PowerPoint Powe View SQL Server 2012 SharePoint 2010

That’s about it!

7 thoughts on “Microsoft Business Intelligence: Power View can be Exported to PowerPoint (PPT)!

  1. Ganesh

    Hi Doshi,
    I have exported the powerpoint from powerview but when I open the powerpoint (in slideshow), I don’t see the “Click to Interact”. Any specific settings for this?


  2. Our sharePoint Portal had setup a Language Package of Chinese.

    When I export to a PowerPoint in the “Chinese” sharepoint environment, I can not see the Interact button in the generated powerpoint file.

    But when I change to “English” sharepoint environment, the problem never occurs.

    Therefore, I guess “Chinese” does not the word “Interact” ^^~

  3. Data is not getting exported to PPT while exporting from Power View report from SharePoint. I am getting blank PPT slide with unwanted layout/template. Can you guide me?

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