SQL Azure’s Journey from Inception in Year 2008 to June 2012!


SQL Azure has been evolving at an amazing pace. Here is a list that summarizes the evolution till June 2012:

SQL Azure, June 2012 (During Meet Windows Azure event)

SQL Azure reporting is now generally available and is backed by SLA

SQL Azure now called Windows Azure SQL Database

Run SQL Server on Azure VM role

SQL Azure, May 2012

SQL Azure now available in one more data-center: “East USA”

SQL Azure Data SYNC, April 2012

Data SYNC Service Update notes

SQL Azure, February 2012:

Updated pricing model

SQL Azure Labs, February 2012:

SQL Azure security services

Microsoft Codename “Trust Services”

SQL Azure Labs, January 2012:

Project codenamed “Cloud Numerics”

Project codenamed “SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment”

Service Update 8, December 2011:

Increased Max size of Database [Previous: 50 GB. Now: 150 GB]

SQL Azure Federations

SQL Azure import/export updated

SQL Azure management portal gets a facelift.

Expanded support for user defined collations

And there are no additional cost when you go above 50 GB. [so cost of 50 GB database = cost of 150 GB DB = ~500$ per month]

SQL Azure Labs, November 2011:

Microsoft project codename “Data Transfer”

upcoming SQL Azure Q4 2011 service release announced!

SQL Azure federations

150 GB database

SQL Azure management portal will get a facelift with metro styled UI among other great additions

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SQL Azure LABS, October 2011:

Data Explorer preview

Social Analytics preview

New registrations for SQL Azure ODATA stopped.

News at SQLPASS, October 2011:

SQL Azure reporting services CTP is now open for all!

SQL Azure DATA SYNC CTP is now open for all!

Upcoming: 150 GB database!

Upcoming: SQL Azure Federations

SQL Server Developer Tools, Codename “Juneau” supports SQL Azure

Following updates where not added in July 2011 and where later added in September 2011:

New SQL Azure Management Portal

Foundational updates for scalability and performance

Service Update 7, July 2011:

Creating SQL Azure firewall rules with IP detect

SQL Azure Co-Administrator support

Enhanced spatial data types support

Service Update 6, May 2011:

Support for Multiple servers per subscription

SQL Azure database management REST API

JDBC driver

Support for Upgrading DAC packages

Service Update 5, October 2010:

Support for SQL Azure sync

Support for SQL Azure reporting

SQL Azure Error messages

Support for sp_tableoption system stored procedure

Service Update 4, August 2010:

Update on project Houston, A silverlight based app to manage SQL Azure databases

Support for TSQL command to COPY databases

Books Online: Added How-To topics for SQL Azure

Service Update 3, June 2010:

Support for database sizes up to 50 GB

Support for spatial datatype

Added East Asia and Western Europe datacenter

Service Update 2, April 2010:

Support for renaming databases

DAC (Data Tier Applications) support added

Support for SQL Server management studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio (VS)

Service Update 1, February 2010:

Support for new DMV’s

Support for Alter Database Editions

Support for longer running Queries

Idle session Time outs increased from 5 min to 30 min

SQL Server Data Services / SQL Data Services Got a new Name: SQL Azure, July 2009

SQL Server Data Services was Announced, April 2008


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