Who on earth is creating “Big data”?


With all the news about “Big Data”, I had a question:

Where does Big Data come from?

So I researched and here are the Big Data “Sources” that I found:

1. Enterprise data (emails, word documents, pdf’s, etc)

2. Transactions

3. Social Media

4. Sensor Data

5. Public Data (energy, world resource, labor statistics etc)

where does Big Data Come from / Big Data Sources

Am I missing anything? Please feel free to point those out!

6 thoughts on “Who on earth is creating “Big data”?

  1. I think academic data should be included….they are the compilers of data that advances science and medicine…an estimated 1.43 million articles were published in 2010 with a growth rate of 2.5%. Unfortunately, most of the data is locked away behind big publisher’s walls.

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