Top Five reasons to contribute on MSDN or StackOverflow forums


Technical forums are places where you can sense that there’s a hope for humanity! No kidding. If you think about it, it’s a place where humans help each other out without expecting anything in return (in almost all cases), what I just said is a fact. So now if you agree that forums are a great place, How about contributing? So if you’re not contributing already, here are the five reasons that may prompt you to start contributing:

1. Help someone out.

2. Solve a real-world problem

[Thanks Florin Dumitrescu for pointing this out!]

3. Discover great resources on Inter-webs. This is so because, while answering questions – people drop awesome links in their answers and invariably they are great free resources:

[Thanks Hardik Pandya for pointing this out!]

4. Learn from other super-smart people and Network with them

5. Test (or “Validate”) your technical know-how

And One more:

Earn reputation (Build your Brand, they say)

What do you think? If you are already contributing on technical forums – what motivates you? And if you’re not contributing already – what’s stopping you? And I believe that everyone knows about tons of things which others are interested in. You just need to find a place to share that!

6 thoughts on “Top Five reasons to contribute on MSDN or StackOverflow forums

  1. hardikpandya11

    I think that we owe a lot to the content rich communities like Quora and StarckOverflow. For everything we get from them for absolutely free. As they say, sharing is caring!


    In IT if you dont knw abt a solution
    Then it may say take 24 man hours to find solution to same

    Now if someone already faced similar problem before he may have already spent 24 man hours

    But if u get his help ur prob solved in say 4 hours

    You save 20 hrs

    Now on a statistical level
    ย more people with face the same prob again and again

    Now if each one with a solution helps someone else
    It saves thousands of man hours on the entire globe

    Now that is contributing to HUMANITY

    Just the way my brain

    Mantresh Jain

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