Excel file does not open, Its stuck indefinitely in “opening in protected view” stage


I downloaded an Excel file (It had the PowerPivot Model) from Internet on my Windows Server Dev Machine. When I tried opening that file on my machine it got stuck in the “Opening in protected View” stage:

excel opening in protected view message

I was able to solve the issue and I would document how I did that in this blog-post:

1. Go to START > Open Excel

2. Go to File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings

excel 2010 trust center settings

3. In the Trust Center. Go to Protected View

Here you can disable the Protected View based on your needs.

Since I wanted to open a file that originated from Internet, I disabled “Protected View for files originating from the Internet”.

Clicked on OK.

4. Now go to File > Open that FILE!

Once you are done, You can enable the protected view. Important!

So That’s about it for this post, I hope it was helpful!

11 thoughts on “Excel file does not open, Its stuck indefinitely in “opening in protected view” stage

  1. Not helping 🙁
    I downloaded and installed office 2010. Now when opening Excel files that have been on my PC for years which are updated every month are all of a sudden opening in protected view and I cannot edit them. I uncheck ALL the boxes in “Trust center” and still the files open in protected view.
    Any suggestions?

  2. The “solution” is to just make your machine unsafe and randomly open files from the Internet?
    Why can’t the (many) bugs in Excel just be f-i-x-e-d instead?

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