SQL server 2012 introduces a straightforward way to migrate to SQL Azure (via SSMS)


SQL server 2012 introduces a straightforward way to migrate to SQL Azure via SSMS. So Let’s get in action. Fire up SQL server management studio 2012 RC0:


Go To Object Explorer, Source Database, Tasks, Deploy Database to SQL Azure:


You’ll see deploy database wizard, click on next.


Here, you’ll need to specify the connection to Target Database which is SQL Azure. So click on connect.


Enter SQL Azure credentials and click on connect:


Note that I changed the Edition of SQL Azure, you can specify Edition and Max Size based on your need. Now, click on next


Here it would validate the source database and target requirements. If they result in Success, you’ll get to click on next.


In the summary page, just review the settings and click on Finish:

And on successful completion, you’ll see a message:


So that’s about it. your SQL Server database is migrated to SQL Azure!

At the end, Just few notes:

1. Under the hood, it uses BACPAC.

2. If there is Feature/TSQL incompatibility between source (SQL server) and Target (SQL server), you will get error in the validation step. In such cases, click on error, it would open a wizard, here click on technical details to know more.


Based on the details given in the “show technical details” – you’ll have to refactor the source database (SQL server) and then try again.

3. There are other alternatives to migrate to SQL Azure, check those out: Summary – SQL server to SQL Azure migration

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