10 Beginner Level Windows Azure Interview Question and Answers (Q&A)


In 2011, I had written a Guest post on Pinal Sir’s blog about SQL Azure Interview Q&A – It was fun, so this time around I put together a 10 beginner level Windows Azure Questions.

They are on BeyondRelational.com and apart from Azure Questions, you would also find Interview Q&A’s on SQL server, .Net, etc..

Here are those 10 interview questions, click on the question to read its answer:

What is cloud computing?

What are the three main components of Windows Azure Platform?

Which are three types of roles in Azure compute?

what is web role in Windows Azure?

what is worker role in Windows Azure?

what is VM role in Windows Azure?

Apart from.Net framework, Name other three language/framework that can be used to develop Windows Azure applications?

Storage Emulator?

Compute Emulator?

What do you mean by Windows Azure Fabric Controller?

And one more..

Currently, How would you categorize Windows Azure?

That’s about it!

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