Summary of Just Learned Tips that i have submitted for year 2011 at site


Just learned is a section in the BeyondRelational site that is meant for members to post a nuggets (short) of knowledge. I like this section – and so time to time i open the section and browse through the posts and once in a while, contribute. Here is the list of tips that i submitted this year:

1. [SSIS] Execution of an SSIS package that has Excel Desti/Source in 64bit SQL server will throw an error and Workaround for this

2. In windows server 2008 R2, IE asks you to add each website you visit to allowed site list. I learned how to override it for my demo machine.

3. Just learned how to allow file downloads in IE in Windows server 08 R2

4. SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint not available with standalone sharepoint

5. SQL Azure’s next service release will take the first step towards having common feature set between cloud and SQL server Denali!

6. Deploying azure web roles just got faster with “Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles”

7. Windows Azure toolkit for social games – makes developing social games on windows azure platform just got easier and quicker

8. General – Lorem ipsum has no meaning and just used this phrase to redirect attention

9.[Azure] a MSDN subscriber gets an alert email in case the Azure usage crosses the allowed usage

10. Press F11 on IE and Firefox to view web pages in full screen mode

11. never let your domain name expire

12. [Azure] One can map (unfriendly) azure storage domain to a custom domain name (Easily)

13. The new recognition system on MSDN, Technet and Expression profile is powered by windows Azure!

14. Posting code in

15. [Azure] Charges dropped for ingress (inbound traffic)

16. [Azure] One can combine a web role and a worker role

17. SQL Azure – currently, Maximum 6 servers are supported per subscription

18. Azure will charge you until you delete your hosted service

19. Atleast 2 instances of a role are required to meet the Azure SLA requirements

20. a DMV [sys.dm_db_partition_stats] in SQL Azure to calculate size of DB

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