Upload a file to windows azure blob via “data transfer” tool


In earlier blog post, we talked about how to upload excel file to SQL Azure via the Data transfer tool found in SQL Azure labs. In this blog post, we will see how to upload an excel file to windows azure blob via this tool codenamed Data Transfer. So let’s get started.

1. Go to https://web.datatransfer.azure.com and select the second option – Windows Azure Blob:


2. Provide the credentials of your storage account (I checked the URL, it has https) – And provide account name in the format.blob.core.windows.net , container name and if the container of that name does not exist than it would be created, and the key which you can find from the storage accounts in Azure management portal. click on next.


3. now point the tool to the file you wish to upload and click on Import.


4. So that’s it Done! you will find the files you uploaded on My Data > Blobs Tab.


And you can view the file through My Data tab. (excel file will be downloaded and viewed via excel on your machine)


And during my experiments, I also tried uploading a .txt and .xml files. It works too!



Overall, Data Transfer makes our life easier by providing a web interface to upload data to SQL Azure and Windows Azure blobs.

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