part 7 of “Getting started with SQL Azure” series is live!


Aim of “Getting started with SQL Azure” series is to offer you a set of brief articles that could act as a Launchpad for your to-be wonderful journey of exploring Microsoft’s cloud based database solution i.e. SQL Azure.

In part 7, I have discussed following administrative tasks:

1. How to improve performance

2. Backup and restore Strategies





Part 1: We defined SQL Azure and discussed advantages of SQL Azure

Part 2: We created an Azure account and created our very first SQL Azure database

Part 3: We discussed about the provisioning and the billing model of SQL Azure

part4: We discussed the SQL Azure architecture

part 5: we discussed the SQL Azure security model

part 6: We discussed how to migrate databases to SQL Azure.

Part 7: We discussed how to improve performance and backup options in SQL Azure

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