Forum Q & A: Question regarding TimeStamps in SQL Azure



1. I’m in the process of purchasing an SSL certificate for my Company’s Azure installations. One of the questions that came up during the purchase was as follows:

Any of the servers for this certificate located outside USA/Canada?

There are a couple of hosted services on our Azure instance and both of them have their Country/Region setting specified as “Anywhere US” .

But looking at the timestamps on the data in SQL Azure, I’m not sure if all of them are North American.

What would be a response to this question?

2. Noticed that the server time stamp on my SQL AZure instance is an hour behind UK time, can I specify server time?


1. Right! The timestamps are in UTC so they may not look American 🙂

2. SQL Azure does not allow setting TimeZone out of the box, but yes there is a workaround:

see, if it could help you. And an honest disclaimer from the author: “it’s a trick/workaround, and not a solution”




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