[SSIS] unzip a file in SQL server Integration services (SSIS) package


An assignment I was working on recently required me to unzip a file in an SSIS package. I didn’t knew it – so I asked my mentor Rushabh Mehta sir about it and he was kind enough to email me a demo. Now based on the deemo, my next task was to input couple of configuration’s like location of zipped file and then i was good to go! And so i learned something new, and I just thought of documenting it.

Aim: To unzip a file in an SSIS package

SSIS Task used: I’ll be using the Execute process task to carry out the task.

Now, here is the configuration of the Execute process task.

Executable: C:Program FilesWinRARWinRAR.exe

[complete path of the executable. I have used WinRar to unzip a file – you could any valid tool you wish]

Arguments: e voila.zip  -o+

[General format: e <filename> –o+]

WorkingDirectory: D:blogpsot

[Path of the working directory. The file will be unzipped at the same location. If you wish to unzip at different location, you could use something like:

e “D:blogpostvoila.zip” “D:blogpost2” –o+

and leave the WorkingDirectory blank, Then in this case the file will be unzipped at D:blogpost2 ]

Now,  here is the screenshot of the configuration. Just in case:


So yeah, happy unzipping!

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0 thoughts on “[SSIS] unzip a file in SQL server Integration services (SSIS) package

  1. Anil

    Hi Parasdoshi,
    I was looking for this solution for last 5 hours, finally this post solved my issued.. Thanks a lot man.


  2. Anil

    Hi Parasdoshi,

    please help me out in implementing how to unzip the files. the thing is it needs to pick the zip file in particular location and unzip there by creating folder same as zip file name and then contents of zip file should be placed in that folder.

    please help, I am looking for this solution from last 2 weeks.


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